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An industry leader. Britton Electronics & Automation, Inc. sets the pace in industrial automation, turnkey engineering, and integration. We provide Illinois Industrial, water treatment, wastewater and power plants with automation systems that improve facility operations for improved performance and operational efficiency.

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A single, programmable radio that can meet diverse application needs simplifies and reduces the cost of Esteem Radiosimplementation and ongoing management of a wireless communication network. The Xeta Series of radios are designed for applications across multiple industries including oil and gas, water and wastewater, electric power, industrial controls and the military.

XetaWave offers a new, patent pending, proven technology platform featuring a software defined radio (SDR) that can be configured as follows:

  • Multi-speed:
    9.6 kbps - 8.8 Mbps
  • Global frequency range
  • Licensed & Unlicensed
  • Dual-band/frequency/path
  • Board level, module, enclosed
  • 10mW to 10W power output
    • 150-174Mhz - 5Watt
    • 217-222Mhz - 5Watt
    • 450-470Mhz - 8Watt
    • 2.4Ghz          - 1Watt
  • UL Class 1 Div 2 & c-UL approved
    ETSI certified
  • Two radios in one small enclosure:
    • Dual band
    • Simultaneous Serial & Ethernet
    • Dual Ethernet
    • Back-to-back repeaters
    • Full duplex
  • Multi-Speed TDMA
  • AES-256 encryption available


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Our vision is "Manageability through Automation," where performance of Individuals, Enterprises, and Communities will be highly impacted by the prevalence of automation. Our Mission is to make Britton Electronics & Automation, Inc. a World Class Automation Services Enterprise that is dedicated to provide the right resources, where and when needed, and to help manage such resources in order to create the maximum positive impact on our Customers, Employees, Partners, and Communities.

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