2022-04-14 19:27:32

AC/DC In-Line Power Converter
Integrate DC Devices Into a Work Area with AC Power

ACDC Inline
The new SPS30 AC/DC In-Line Power Converter is a compact, cost-effective device that makes it easy to connect sensors and indicators that use DC power to a production line using AC. The SPS30 accepts 100­­­–240 V AC at its input and converts that voltage to 24 V DC at its output. Specifically, it converts a DC sensor’s output to a Normally Open 4-amp electromechanical SPST relay for switching AC or DC loads. In addition, the converter’s AC input line is available to remotely teach a sensor or activate an actuator. Separate SPS30 models feature either 4-pin M8 or 5-pin M12 connectors.




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