2021-03-04 19:04:40

Safety Should be Part of Cybersecurity

To better protect physical assets, workers and compliance, it’s vital to understand the link between safety and security risks and how to mitigate them.

By Steve Ludwig, commercial programs manager, Safety, Rockwell Automation

The dangers that cyber threats pose to intellectual property, customer records and productivity are well known, but safety implications of these threats are discussed less often. A cyberattack on your industrial control system (ICS) can damage physical assets, alter recipes, injure workers or cause severe environmental damage.

If you’re on a digital transformation journey — whether it’s a managed process or slow evolution — managing the inherent safety and security risks should be an integral part of the process.

A properly designed security approach will improve information collection, analysis and delivery. It also will minimize security-related interruptions and frustrations. And it will help protect your enterprise.

Know Your Risks



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